Kinji Toyama

Kinji Toyama is a second-year student at Tokyo Butei High and the male protagonist of Aria the Scarlet Ammo. He is an E-rank, simply because he didn't take the last term test, while in the first one he was an S-rank, the highest possible rank.

Kinji, when sexually aroused, shifts into Hysteria Mode, in which he is so skilled he can shoot bullets into a gun and swing his butterfly knife too fast to be seen. It is a trait possessed by all the Toyamas, and it is an amplified version of a man's instinct to protect women. Because of that, he cannot directly harm a woman, even if the latter's causing a lot of damage to him. Though he is not above simple tricks, such as in the first episode when Aria was attempting to attack him for looking up her shirt, and Kinji dropped her bullets on the ground so she slipped. Also in Hysteria Mode Kinji acts smug and quite seductive in a way many women fall for him.