Aria Kanzaki
Aria Kanzaki

Full Name

Aria Holmes Kanzaki



Aria Kanzaki is a second-year transfer student at Tokyo Butei High and the female protagonist of the series.Female transfer student of Butei High School. An "Assault" department elite rank S (The highest rank), she wishes to recruit Kinji after their encounter. She can wield two guns or two swords at the same time, earning the title of a "Quadra". Her weapons of choice are a M1911 pistol (also known as Colt Government) and two undersized Japanese swords known as Kodachi. The H in the middle name stands for "Holmes" as she is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes himself, and her full name is Aria Holmes Kanzaki IV. Her mother is Japanese and her father is English. Her grandmother is a member of the British Royal Family, having received the title of a "dame". She also starts to have feelings for Kinji but shows it in a different way than other people.


Aria is a teenage girl of British/Japanese descent, but she looks like a grade schooler. She has a petite and childlike figure due to the scarlet bullet which stopped her from growing any taller when she was a little girl. She has magenta-colored eyes and nearly ankle-length pink hair that she wears in pigtails tied off with a pair of red horn-shaped hairpins. Much to her shame and embarrassment, she has a flat chest. It is revealed in the manga that her eyes and hair used to be golden until the scarlet bullet turned them pink. She wears her school uniform with black over-knee socks and brown shoes and hides a pair of handguns under her skirt. Kinji describes her as having a large forehead.


Aria is a very haughty and shameless girl who says that she does not have time for "a waste of time like love". She acts like a tsundere towards Kinji and treats him like her servant with the excuse of being an S-Rank Butei, as his rank is only E. Although she can act very rude to people, she deeply cares for her mother and Kinji, and is very loyal to her fellow Butei, with her motto being "trust your fellow Butei and be trustworty". Aria hates being called short or flat-chested, especially by Kinji. She likes cute things and is scared of thunder .

In terms of both appearance and personality, Aria resembles Taiga from Toradora!, Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, and Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku. All five girls are known as the Five Tsundere Wonders. They are all short girls with very long hair who belittle their love interests.